In The Trenches

An Interview with Stephen Johnson, PH.D. by Ellis Cose Whole Life Times, August 1994, pp.24-25 Stephen Johnson, who has been an educator and psychotherapist for over 20 years, became interested in men’s issues when he went through a “mid-life crisis.” Instead of buying a hot sports care or finding a young lover or any one

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad Men's World*

By Benedict Carey After more than a decade in hiding, smoky men’s club fun is back. Between Macanudo cigars and martinis, rare scotch and rare beef, long lunches and steakhouse dinners, a little naughtiness is in again – even for healthy people. To paraphrase Chesterton: Happier the man who eats caviar on impulse than the

Men in the Counseling Room

with Dr. Stephen Johnson by Melanie Tucker, LMFT On September 11, 2011, Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D, MFT, founder and director of the Men’s Center of Los Angeles and creator of the Sacred Path Men’s Retreat, spoke to the SFVCAMFT Membership on “Males in the Counseling Room: Helping Guys Become Good Men.” He started with a

Mindful Men

By Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D. This article was published in the July/August 2010 issue of The Los Angeles Psychologist, a publication of the  Los Angeles County Psychological Association. The theme of the issue is:  Psychotherapy and Mindfulness:  Techniques and Theory for Clinical Practice. I’ve worked as an educator and psychotherapist in private practice for 40

Modern Rites of Passage: Reclaiming the Soul*

By Ed Munter from the March/April issue of Awareness Magazine Where have all the heroes gone? What has happened to the models of manhood that stood as guiding symbols to our young men growing up? There was once a time when fathers represented leadership in a young man’s early development and heroes represented as models.

Natural Allies: In Search of a Mentor

By Stephen Johnson, PH.D. As printed in Man!, Spring 1992, pp.10-11 “Mentor” first appears in Homer’s Odyssey as a loyal adviser of Odysseus who was entrusted with the care and education of Odysseus’ son, Telemachus. Throughout history, a mentor has been a wise and trusted counselor, usually at least 10 to 15 years older than

Rekindling an Intimate Relationship

Is the love lost or just misplaced? By Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D. A lasting marriage does not necessarily mean it’s a happy marriage.  We all know couples that have stayed together for the children or for a myriad of other reasons. But for many couples it’s not an option to just “do time” in a

She Says You Don’t Communicate

By Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D. In the movie The Prince of Tides there was a particular scene that sticks out in my memory.  The adult son, played by Nick Nolte, is standing on a pier with his aging, alcoholic father, who is baiting a fishhook.  “You know, I love you,” Hurt says to his father. 

The Absent Father

Disconnected Dads, Confused Kids By Stephen Johnson, Ph.D. As printed in Whole Life Times, August 1993 Humanity is at the end of a double millennium. As it speeds toward the completion of its second thousand-year period of recorded history, the epic experiment known as civilization reveals certain bitter truths with which we must contend. It

The Conscious Male

 Interview with Dr. Stephen Johnson by Chrysalis Hyon Throughout the country in different supportive settings, men are participating in workshops to come to terms with what it means to be a man today, and in the process renew their commitment to themselves, their community and planetary stewardship. Psychotherapist Stephen Johnson, Ph.D. is the founder and