The Isolation Principle*

By Sylvia Cary As printed in Men’s Fitness – October 1993 Nobody ever told John Wayne to get in touch with his feelings. Why are they telling you? For every man who says he’s evolved into a sensitive, caring being since the women’s movement rolled across the land, there are nine others who cringe at

The Quest For The Masculine Soul

By Stephen Johnson, PH.D. As Printed in Whole Life Times, August 1995, p.27 A few years ago one would have thought that the wave that was building under what had been touted as “the new men’s movement” would continue to grow and crest in some revolutionary form. The media had picked up on the phenomena

What, Me Worry?*

By T. Jesse Goff Yeah, we know: Even paranoids have real enemies. But you’re probably just a guy who frets too much. We have cures for you. We all recognize high-achieving Andy Anxious. A bundle of private insecurities despite his public success, Andy is sure that his five-year-old son despises him, that his wife loathes

What Happened To The Men's Movement?*

An Interview with Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D. The following is an interview with Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Men’s Center Los Angeles conducted in May of 1994 by Ellis Cose, a contributing editor for Newsweek Magazine. This interview was included in Mr. Cose’s book, A Man’s World: How Real Is Male Privilege

What Your Marriage Needs to Survive

By Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D. Even stellar relationships lose their spark over time. Here are the ingredients of a lasting, fruitful partnership, and techniques for weathering the stormy periods. Joy, passion, great sex: when a couple heads into marriage, this is what they have in mind. Of course they want their relationship to last—but without

What’s the Best Way to Deal with a Bully?

Many school age children feel that they are misfits and simply don’t fit in with the “in-group” or even the general population of their peers.  Kids that are perceived as weird or different can become the target of bullies and become vulnerable to depression, anxiety and the threat of suicide.  A 2005 Harris poll found

When Depression Turns to Anger

 Published in Whole Life Times, August 1998, pp.26 The other night my 18-year-old son and I drove to the video store to return a couple of movies. As we were leaving the store, we witnessed a brewing confrontation between two men. The larger of the two was standing by his parked car unleashing a torrent

Who Will Initiate Our Boys into Manhood?

As published in Paradigm Magazine — Spring 2004 The current generation is not the first or even the last generation to experience a separation between fathers and sons. It was as normal for fathers to be out of the house for stretches of time in the past as it is today. However, in the past

Why Men Fall for Dangerous Relationships

The life of a good man is a continual warfare with his passions. -Samuel Richardson (1689-1761) British novelist I recall being in a theatre, watching the hit movie of 1987, Fatal Attraction, about a married attorney (played by Michael Douglas) who has a fling with a work colleague (Glenn Close), and when he later tries