The Relationship Journey: A Map for a Bumpy Road

By Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D. Most people would tend to agree that to have a productive, satisfying and sustaining relationship requires tremendous intention and commitment.  Relationships command a lot of maintenance in order to get through the trying times and go the distance.  It is estimated that the average length of new relationships is somewhere

Tribute to a Spiritual Warrior

Dr. Jerry Buss (January 27, 1933 – February 18, 2013) By Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D.   In my article titled: Who Are the Real Heroes Today? I opened the piece with a statement about two sports figures that have fallen from Grace. In contrast, I want to offer herewith a brief tribute to a man

Who Are the Real Heroes Today?

Closing the Father Gap for Our Boys By Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D.   We watched from the sidelines as Lance Armstrong has fallen on his sword and has finally decided to tell the truth about his use of performance enhancing drugs. You decide if he’s told all of the truth. We’ve watched recently in horror

A Circle Of Men

By Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D. Why Men’s Groups? It appears that men today are just as cut off and stuck as their predecessors. Our culture is faster and more demanding than ever before. Men find themselves caught in the rat race, struggling to keep up, and challenged to balance their lives against the demands of

Anatomy of a Control Freak*

Is he power-mad, or simply a good leader? by Sylvia Cary Reprinted with permission from Joe Weider’s Men’s Fitness May 1993 Are you now, or have you ever been, a control freak? Ever worked for one? Lived with one? Thirty years ago, the term hadn’t even been coined. Today men are routinely accused of trying

Bridges To Brotherhood

Taking Action with the Homeless By Stephen Johnson Whole Life Times – August 1996 I got home the other night, flipped on the TV and caught the lead segment on the news. My heart sank as I listened: Two skinheads took a machete to an African-American boy in Lancaster…. if it were not for the

Dealing With Ordeals

What’s the Gift? By Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D. On Monday, February 12th, I logged onto my Online banking and noticed that one of my accounts was down by $2,000. When I pulled it up to view I became aware that $2,000 in traveler’s checks had been withdrawn. By Tuesday morning it became clear that over

Farewell To A Young Spiritual Warrior

A Tribute to a Playful Poet and Peacemaker By Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D. Last week, Matthew Joseph Thaddeus Stepanek left his body.  He was a mere 13 years of age and yet he lived a whole lifetime. In some ways, it was more than many will experience if they are fortunate to live well into

Four Words that Seduce Any Man… Anytime*

by Bethany Heitman from Cosmopolitan Magazine, October 2011 This single sexy phrase makes him drop everything (pants included) and start drooling over you. But you need to work it carefully. Whispering almost any naughty line to a guy is the sexual equivalent of 3-D glasses – it heightens the entire experience for him. But after